“Dogs Rolling in Carrion” – Gutwrench

My latest piece, “Dogs Rolling in Carrion,” appears in the Fall edition of Gutwrench. Read it here!

The Five Hundred

The Five Hundred is a flash fiction journal edited by Winston Blake Wheeler Ward. Each month he invites writers to create a piece based on a prompt.

Also, he’s the editor of the Science Fiction illustration and literature magazine, Infinite Worlds. If you’re a fan of book cover art from SF’s Golden Age to now, check it out and subscribe to his Instagram feed for a daily SF art fix.

October 2018
“Exit Clause”

July 2018
“I Am”

April 2018
“So We Prayed”

February 2018
“Dance Like They’re Watching”

September 2017
“Shape Shifted”

December 2017
“Names, Numbers”